We are Robat!

we are creative by producing healthy, different and attractive food products
so that our audience can discover new experiences by trying new tastes and follow life on a more exciting path.

High quality

Using high-quality raw materials to produce a healthy and nutritious product

Guaranteed quality

Use of the equipped quality control laboratory to ensure the quality of the products

Technology High

Using the most up-to-date technology for the production of food products in Iran

Full automatic

Full automatic packaging machines to reduce health hazards and human errors to zero

Why are we different?

With dedication to achieve maximum quality we support our customers

We get creative by producing different products

By encouraging customers to try new tastes,we help them discover new experiences

With honesty and humility in the way we communicate with customers, we help them trust us

The way we have walked with pride

Since 2007, Sabzeavaran Nik Company started producing ready-made sandwiches, which included 4 types, including two types of club sandwiches and two types of baguette sandwiches.

After the welcome of dear customers in 2008, ready meals including meat Olivier    salad and chicken Olivier   salad were added to the production products.

Now in 2021, we are proud to announce that by using modern automatic internal and external equipment while equipping production lines, we were able to increase the number of manufactured products to more than 50 items.

Robat special products

With sufficient volume and high quality ingredients and memorable taste

All kinds of sandwiches or various and hearty dishes prepared from the freshest ingredients

With a unique taste to make your food even more delicious

It is a home restaurant!!!

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